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Surpris en bien

Le dentifrice mousse vraiment plus que ce que j'avais imaginé. C'est un peu bizarre de se brosser les dents avec une pastille mais après quelques jours je pense qu'on ne s'en rend même plus compte. Très bon projet pour la planète !


Great toothpaste! The powder immediately turns into foam and just the right amount for a pleasant brushing. I recommend this quality product!


It's hard to go back to a regular toothpaste after trying these pasties.
I am completely convinced by this product.


Very happy with this practical and zero waste toothpaste which leaves a good breath in the mouth!

At the top!

Toothpaste with clean ingredients, lathers well and leaves fresh breath!
Practical for travel or at home, no waste and local, in short: a top concept! Tested and approved.


Practical, it foams, zero waste, mint flavour. Swiss product. What more could you ask for?

Surprising and incredibly enjoyable!

I have tried many solutions which have all disappointed me because they were not pleasant or because I had doubts about the quality of the product. Teeth are important and fragile; I need to be reassured.
This toothpaste has simply reconciled me with alternative toothpastes: good for my teeth, good for the planet and above all very pleasant, once I got over the surprise of the chewable tablet. It foams, is easy to apply and leaves a fresh feeling (much more so than traditional toothpastes).
I recommend this quality product!

Fresh and natural

It's great; very pleasant toothpaste, leaves your mouth fresh and your teeth feeling clean, as well as being good for the planet!


Finally a practical toothpaste for travelling (or not, for that matter), I can take just enough for my stay. No plastic tube (better for the planet), and what's more a good taste left in the mouth.
Thank you Waya for everything.

Fresh feeling

I have been using toothpaste in tubes for 60 years and yet I was immediately seduced by this solid toothpaste.
I love the way it looks, the way it's composed and most of all that delicious fresh breath feeling!
Thanks to the creator of this product, good for our teeth and good for the planet.


I was sceptical but it's the equivalent of toothpaste with the added bonus of zero waste. A very good innovation!

Electrically brushable

I was sceptical because I use an electric toothbrush but I am delighted to find the same clean feeling when I run my tongue over my teeth. Try it and you'll love it!

Simple and effective

Very pleasantly surprised by the texture of the powder in the mouth. It lathers very well. You can brush your teeth "as usual". The fresh minty sensation is very pleasant. Very practical cardboard packaging. Nothing to complain about! Thank you

Innovative ♥️

We love > the zero waste concept! but also: the fact that it contains fluoride! 🦷 often absent in other alternative toothpastes and yet ESSENTIAL to good oral hygiene.
The taste is pleasant and fresh ❄️

meets all expectations!

Finally an alternative "toothpaste" that foams when brushed, leaves fresh breath and has a good menthol taste!
In addition, the packaging allows for more practical and, above all, eco-friendly transport!

Just great

I've been looking for a natural solid toothpaste for a long time... I finally found it! Approved at 100% !

Great product, very practical

Tested and approved! I love the convenience and simplicity of the lozenges. Fresh breath for the day 🙂

I think they should be in every hotel room!

Great! Try it yourself 😉

I am very happy to have been able to test this new product. Thank you for your help!
I particularly like the zero waste and the fresh breath and cleanliness feeling!
I wish you every success with your product and thank you for creating it.


I was amazed when I tested this toothpaste. I found the same "sensations" as with toothpaste in a tube: foaming, fresh breath, clean teeth and the feeling of a clean mouth with the usual good mint taste.

In addition, it is easy to use, with no waste.

Great and practical

I am very happy with the toothpaste. It leaves my teeth super clean and my breath fresh. It's also very easy and convenient to use.

Thank you for your comment. Glad you like the toothpaste 🙂

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