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Une petite aventure

Je suis toujours encore surprise de la petite aventure lorsque je prends une pastille Waya dans la bouche. Je la croque. Elle mousse. Et je sais déjà qu'après le passage de ma brosse à dents j'aurai une sensation très agréable au toucher de mes dents et au goût du produit.

Aluminium can
Simone Mühlematter
Aluminium box

Top notch, very practical and solid. I recommend it.

A rather pleasant new habit

For several months now, I have been testing Waya mint strong and sweet with fluorine, as well as my companion.
I am pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of use and the very fresh flavours without being too strong in the mouth.
I'm glad I don't have plastic tubes at home anymore and know it's a quality toothpaste. Congratulations again on this project and thank you for your investment in relieving the environment of our overly large waste today 🌺🙏

I adhere

I have tested and recommended the Strong Fluorinated Mint Pastilles.
Practical, ecological and above all very effective.
They offer a good, long-lasting minty taste.
I validate at 100%.


It is an incredible product.
I was surprised that such a small tablet could have such a fresh and clean effect.


Practical and efficient

Amazing toothpaste. I'm going to try the strong mint as the soft mint lacks a bit of flavour for me. Otherwise excellent product.

Practical, ecological and efficient

These toothpaste tablets are top, practical format, the foam is perfect, the taste is excellent and finished the tubes
Made of plastic

Very good product

Well thought out product. Fast shipping. Pellets in excellent condition on receipt.


I participated in crowdfunding to support beautiful projects like this one. I am very happy with the quality of the product, the simplicity of use. After brushing, the feeling of freshness is incredible, there is no residue to rinse, no loss of toothpaste. and above all I no longer pay for water but for the net substance. I took the subscription to continue my support and my continuity in finding products to reduce my waste, as well as to stop giving my money to big multinational companies. I can highly recommend this product and company.


It's amazing how such a small thing can give such a clean and fresh feeling.

Strong mint

Best toothpaste tablet I've ever tested, equivalent to commercial toothpastes for feel and cleanliness!

Organic Mint Toothpaste
Céline Germanier
Sweet mint

A real pleasure to crunch this fresh tablet, a freshness that lasts after brushing!
And my 3 children love it and so do I because the sink stays clean after they've been there :)

Toothpaste tablet

Pleasant taste, easy to use, practical to take away, in short, I validate at 100%


Foams up very quickly, cleans teeth very well, they are very smooth after cleaning.
No residue in the washbasin and on the brush.
Practical for travel.

J'adore 👍

Very pleasant taste, perfect texture in the mouth, it foams a little but not too much. A very good product

Ceramic bowl
Nathalie Oberson
both practical and elegant

The ceramic bowl is a beautiful object in the bathroom.
The wooden lid protects the tablets from moisture. Just placed on top it is very easy and convenient to use.

Organic Mint Toothpaste
Solange Akribas
Finally a real zero waste toothpaste that is effective and pleasant!

I have been a zero-waste enthusiast for many years and have tried many different zero-waste toothpastes (paste, powder, brush-on, etc.) and none of them were both really effective and fun to use.

After chewing, it dissolves into a fine powder that does not damage the gums.

With WAYA's toothpaste, I find the codes of the classic toothpaste: good mint taste, foam, and moreover leaves a good feeling of freshness for a long time and you really have the impression to have brushed your teeth, not like other ZD toothpastes on the market!

I really recommend this toothpaste!

Organic Mint Toothpaste
Laurence De Vallouit
My new brushing style

What a chance to do good to your mouth and to the planet.
In addition to the care, the taste and the practicality...
These little tablets are nomadic and I can brush my teeth easily and everywhere!
Fast delivery too.
A must have for me!

A simple and effective gesture

It's a great innovation and a new habit I can't live without.
A small gesture for our planet, without constraint, simple and effective.
I recommend it!

Excellent solid toothpaste

Really pleasant in the mouth, breaks very easily when crunching a few times. Foams extremely well and with a good mint taste!

Aluminium can
Christine Valentin Desbaillet
Very practical box

Allows you to store the tablets and is very practical when travelling and much less fragile than a ceramic or glass box

Organic Mint Toothpaste
Jean-Philippe Crettaz

The packaging is not very practical. But the tablets themselves are fresh and clean effectively.

Thank you Jean-Philippe. You are right, the packaging is not the best. It will be changed during the next production, in a few months.

It's a pleasure to be able to reduce my ecological impact through such a product. You bite into it 2-3 times and it's like having a normal toothpaste. I recommend it!

Practical and beautiful

The ceramic bowl is ideal for storing toothpaste tablets and is also very pretty and handmade in Switzerland!

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