Organic Mint Toothpaste

CHF 12.00

Contains 62 tablets (0.19 CHF / tablet).
Duration of use: 1 month (with 2 brushings per day).

Why choose WAYA?

The packaging is recycled with the paper and WAYA toothpaste is:

Swiss Made Validated by dentists
Natural Premium ingredients
Vegan & Gluten Free Cruelty Free

Which toothpaste is right for you?

How does it work?

It's very simple. Just follow the three steps below:

Here's how we put a smile on your face

We put all these good ingredients into WAYA toothpaste. Each high-quality raw material has been carefully selected.

calcium carbonate

The selected grade gently cleans your teeth to give you a naturally white smile, without damaging the tooth enamel.


Reduces the appearance of cavities and combats bad breath by rebalancing the oral flora.


Repels bacteria, fights cavities, reduces plaque. Also promotes remineralisation of the teeth.

sodium bicarbonate

Reduces stains on teeth and makes them appear whiter. Fights mouth ulcers by rebalancing the pH of the mouth.


Gives a fresh breath and a feeling of clean teeth for a long time.


Antibacterial, it cleanses the mouth, gives good breath and prevents toothache.

sodium lauroyl glutamate

Gives the toothpaste a pleasant foam.

xanthan gum

Gives a good texture in the mouth.


Strengthens the immune system with its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and soothing properties.

citric acid

Regulates the pH of the mouth.

magnesium stearate

Anti-caking agent, it facilitates the compression of the tablets.


You can choose the fluoride version for maximum protection against cavities or a sodium fluoride-free version.

* NOTE: Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate should not be confused with Glutamate (E621), which is a flavour enhancer used in the food industry.


Why in the form of tablets?

A tablet is:

- More hygienic than powder or solid toothpaste
- More fun and easier to use
- The right amount of ingredients, especially fluoride
- Super practical when you go travelling. You take the quantity you need according to the number of days away from home.

Where is the toothpaste developed?

In collaboration with a laboratory in Valais specialising in cosmetic products, we have developed a unique toothpaste that meets the criteria of taste and tooth protection, all with raw materials of natural origin and coming mainly from neighbouring countries.

What is it made of?

My goal is to offer a toothpaste that is good for your health and for the planet. I have therefore chosen ingredients of natural origin from Switzerland and neighbouring countries as much as possible.

See the list of ingredients

Does it really protect against cavities?

This toothpaste protects against caries thanks to:
- The combination of xylitol and erythritol repels bacteria and thus prevents the formation of oral cavities.
- Fluoride (at 1450 ppm) which is recommended by the vast majority of dental professionals in Switzerland.

What is the degree of abrasion (RDA)?

The RDA is 66. This degree of abrasion ensures that the teeth are well cleaned without damage.

These tests were carried out by an independent laboratory.

Where is it made?

The toothpaste is developed and produced in Switzerland.

We work with a dozen Swiss companies, including sheltered workshops. By buying our products, you support many local companies.

Is it suitable for pregnant/lactating women?

Yes, this toothpaste can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. It contains natural extracts of mint and ecchinacea, in powder form and not essential oils.

Can it be used by children?

This toothpaste is suitable for children aged 6 years and over. We recommend that an adult is present when brushing the teeth.

Can it be used in homeopathic treatments?

Here are the recommendations given by the Boiron company, based in Berne and expert in homeopathy:

"It is recommended that homeopathic medicines be taken in an empty, clean mouth, if possible away from meals.

Mint and coffee, consumed at a distance from the homeopathic medicines, have no effect on the effectiveness of the prescription."

Another question?

Do you have another question?

Send us a WhatsApp message to +41 76 471 03 65 or write to us at

Weight 22 g
Dimensions 70 × 90 × 15 mm
Select your toothpaste

Menthe Forte Avec Fluorure, Menthe Douce Avec Fluorure, Menthe Douce Sans Fluorure

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Marco Fumagalli
Excellent toothpaste

Quite simply an excellent toothpaste, with a feeling of clean teeth that is superior to the effect of other toothpastes. However, you need to keep the tablets in a dry place, as they are very sensitive to moisture.

Aurelie Alter
A rather pleasant new habit

For several months now, I have been testing Waya mint strong and sweet with fluorine, as well as my companion.
I am pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of use and the very fresh flavours without being too strong in the mouth.
I'm glad I don't have plastic tubes at home anymore and know it's a quality toothpaste. Congratulations again on this project and thank you for your investment in relieving the environment of our overly large waste today 🌺🙏

Sandra Reuse
I adhere

I have tested and recommended the Strong Fluorinated Mint Pastilles.
Practical, ecological and above all very effective.
They offer a good, long-lasting minty taste.
I validate at 100%.


Amazing toothpaste. I'm going to try the strong mint as the soft mint lacks a bit of flavour for me. Otherwise excellent product.


It's amazing how such a small thing can give such a clean and fresh feeling.

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